We believe that beautiful, sustainable, and accessible full figured clothing is not just a fantasy – but reality. That curvy clothing does not need to equal a decrease in quality, fit, or style. Respect for the environment, workers, and the consumer should stand before all else.
We are a brand committed to equal access pricing and design. A woman at size 48 should never pay more than a woman at size 36 – regardless of high quality and organic materials.
Transparency is always our goal. From factory working conditions to material sourcing to pricing breakdowns, we will always be forthcoming with sensitive information to help our consumers make educated choices.
We strive to be a fully sustainable brand. Our garments are handcrafted by women at an ethical, family-conscious Polish factory with sustainable, natural fibers and organic cottons.
We design for longevity, not micro-seasons. Our pieces should last for decades and are created to integrate seamlessly with existing pieces. We hope to help fashion return to the days where clothing is bought for a lifetime, not merely one-time use.
But most of all, we believe in the power of curvy women to change the fashion industry for the better - one item of clothing at a time.