VAN DER NAG, is an Independent, Berlin based, slow-fashion label, founded by me, Tanja Nagy in 2016.

Here at VAN DER NAG you can find beautiful, sustainable clothing engineered on curvy bodies.

Transparency is always my goal. From material sourcing to pricing breakdowns, I will always be forthcoming with sensitive information to help you make educated choices.

I only source vintage, deadstock, sustainable and GOTS approved fabrics in small quantities. My main goal is to create beautiful garments from materials that are made from natural fibres and are sustainable.

I design for longevity, not micro-seasons. VAN DER NAG pieces should last for decades and are created to integrate seamlessly with existing pieces. I hope to help fashion return to the days where clothing is bought for a lifetime, not merely one-time use.

But most of all, I believe in the power of curvy women to change the fashion industry for the better - one item of clothing at a time.

Every item is completely designed and handmade to order by me in my studio in Berlin, Germany.

My making process includes the designing, fabric sourcing, cutting out, sewing, stitching, labelling, packaging and sending of each individual item, along with its own personal hand-written note.

All items are handmade in very limited quantities meaning each piece is truly unique and made especially for you.

Most of my pieces take around 4 – 8 hours to be made therefore I can only accept a limited amount of orders at any one time. Sewing takes a lot of love, time and patience.

Because I hand-make every item to order, I am able to offer custom length as well.